Peter Nicholas Geer passed on January 22nd, 2018, on his way to his favorite new home in Loreto in the Baja with Penny at his side, after a wonderful Christmas with family in Vancouver.

His life and memory will live on with many, as his optimism and unstoppable (some might say stubborn) nature left its mark in many corners of the world.

Born on March 20th, 1942 in London, England, Nick grew up with an eye outward, and was as a young man drawn to adventure beyond "The Empire".

He spent his younger years in West Africa as an accountant and had the stories to prove it. Blood diamonds had nothing on him! Nick was never one to shy away from an opportunity that others might see as insurmountable.

In fact, he was often the one running toward it, as he loved the challenge of an unsolvable problem.

He was always driven to expand his knowledge and experience, and most importantly to really understand.

That ability to see a problem as an opportunity lead Nick into many interesting positions in his professional life, where he consistently turned deficits into profits and left people scratching their heads.

Whether it was acquiring and improving businesses for the Jim Pattison Group, or reworking ICBC as the CEO and President, Nick consistently bit off more than he could chew on purpose. Colleagues were always happy to see him, even if they knew he was probably going to put them through the wringer, because they trusted him.

Nick always lived his life to a high moral code and everyone understood and appreciated it. It's what made him a unique player and something many will remember most clearly about him. Whether you met Nick in a boardroom, on a scuba trip, during a boating adventure or at home in the garden, you always met the same man. He didn't suffer fools and often was a little blunt about it, but it served him well and you always knew where you stood, no guesswork. Even his later years, his consultation work with companies such as NavCan and YVR were highly valued because of that honest, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude he applied to everything.

In the end the proudest accomplishment for Nick was his family.

A marriage of 49 years to Penny with three children, Sam, Jilly and Noel, all of whom are in loving marriages with beautiful children and thriving careers they love. His hope was always to live his life to the fullest so that when he did pass on, he wouldn't leave this life wishing for more, but in fact did exactly what he wanted and made a difference. Anyone who knows him would agree he did exactly that.